27 October 2010


Why did I leave so much until today? I'm an awful person, that's why. 80 pages of intense physics homework is not the way I wanted to spend my Wednesday. Blast and damn procrastination.

21 October 2010


I'm teaching a sewing lesson!


[There will even be money as a result. I'm very happy.]

17 October 2010

here i dreamt i was an architect

School has been booming, and after long hours of physics homework behind tired eyes, I decided that I will never become a physicist. Not because I don't think I could be one, but because I'm sure that the job would cause me to hate my life. Despite being interesting and useful, physics is definitely not my favorite science.

In fact, this week I arranged my relationship to school subjects like this: chemistry beats physics, biology beats chemistry, math beats science and English beats all. I really like school.

This weekend has been full to the brim! The shape of my John Lennon calendar squares are hidden beneath a crows-nest of pen ink. There was a quiz meet, a birthday bonfire, my fourth Lifesaving Instructor class and another bonfire. I'm absolutely dead tired.

Also, I saw Taxi Driver. What a fantastic movie! My mind is still blown. Watch it.

11 October 2010

My newest "questionable film" experience:

[Yes, I saw it with my mother.]

It would seem as though that very woman has given up her sheltering techniques on me. Of late, she has revealed a more laid-back parent; the kind that allows every "questionable" film in my collection to be pulled from the shelves for sudden watching. So far, we've seen everything from Monty Python's religion-parody Life of Brian, to the terrifying Jack-The-Ripper film From Hell, to the controversial "American love-story" Brokeback Mountain. What was it this week? 8 Mile.

This series of films have made me realize that "perverse", "edgy" or "questionable" movies can have a smaller effect on me than I might have thought at first [remember the days of pining after "grown-up films" with all the swearing that you were never allowed to watch?] I mean, Monty Python's jabs at Islam and Christianity are boldface and mocking, but as long as you don't base your beliefs on the opinions of a troupe of comedians [no matter how funny they are] you'll come out alright.

In fact, I discovered Brokeback Mountain to be a super-excellent film that I really like. I never heard from anyone that it was anything more than vicious anal-shagging done for no reason and in poor taste. [Watching it made me realize how small-minded some critics are, and what a great cinematographer Ang Lee is.]

As for 8 Mile, there's nothing really to be said. Lots of swearing and suggestive language, some violence, some stiff acting from rapper-turned actor Eminem [including a very awkward and unappealing sex-scene between him and that blonde girl from Clueless.] The only part I didn't find utterly lame was the set of rap-battles at the end. Those ripped it up, yo.

But still! I saw it! It did nothing for me, but I saw it with my mum!!

Next up:

Taxi Driver

Layer Cake

Fight Club

08 October 2010

05 October 2010

there are power-lines in our blood-lines

I will never be a blue collar/pariah/prole. I will be paid doing something interesting, something meaningful and something I love [I don't love cashiering, answering phones or mopping floors, if you were wondering.]

So far in my career-planning endeavors, these things look marvelous:

CPR/lifesaving instructing, psychiatry, genetic engineering, free-lance journalism, biochemistry, arbitration, biology, pharmacology, oceanography, physics engineering, theology, optometry, physiology, critiquing, real estate, bee keeping, cinematography, cardiology, biological science technology, film directing...

...I will never bag groceries for a living.