26 February 2011

25 February 2011

a list of things I suddenly find myself hugely into:

- The Sartorialist
- cookie dough
- Pink Floyd
- jellyfish
- German films [Run Lola Run is a brilliant example]
- pictures of Twiggy
- Alan Rickman movies
- octopi
- Harry Potter
- submarine sandwiches
- Emily Dickinson poems
- sea horses

18 February 2011

C.S. Lewis -- "On the Reading of Old Books"

" There is a strange idea abroad that in every subject the ancient books should be read only by the professionals, and that the amateur should content himself with the modern books. Thus I have found as a tutor in English Literature that if the average student wants to find out something about Platonism, the very last thing he thinks of doing is to take a translation of Plato off the library shelf and read the Symposium. He would rather read some dreary modern book ten times as long, all about "isms" and influences and only once in twelve pages telling him what Plato actually said. The error is rather an amiable one, for it springs from humility. The student is half afraid to meet one of the great philosophers face to face. He feels himself inadequate and thinks he will not understand him. But if he only knew, the great man, just because of his greatness, is much more intelligible than his modern commentator. The simplest student will be able to understand, if not all, yet a very great deal of what Plato said; but hardly anyone can understand some modern books on Platonism. It has always therefore been one of my main endeavours as a teacher to persuade the young that firsthand knowledge is not only more worth acquiring than secondhand knowledge, but is usually much easier and more delightful to acquire. "

17 February 2011


This movie is insane.

If you haven't already seen this Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece of suspense and terror, I suggest you pull on your socks and find a copy. Not only is it darkly edgy for the time, but it's frightening original story and simplistic but gripping shots keep it's viewers on the very edge of their seats. I think the last time I saw a film this good was Easter of last year, when I saw Citizen Kane for the first time.

And as if the style and cinematic genius of Hitchcock wasn't enough, the innocent cuteness of Anthony Perkins keeps you on his side right till the end. His quietly compelling performance is to be counted with the greats of horror cinema, not only for it's believability but also for it's perfectly subtle creepiness.

This is one of those perfect films that I discover only too rarely. As you can tell, I'm still swooning in it's wake. I recommend this film to anyone who appreciates film and cinema. You will not be disappointed!

04 February 2011

Feb 4

The weather has been simply gorgeous.

For a February in Alberta, +7 degrees is simply marvelous. I've been able to run down my range road without freezing and have gone to town in only sweaters. This is when I like winter best.