01 December 2014

Dec 1

After an almost agonizingly prolonged limbo between autumn and winter, December's arrival brought with it a real Canadian winter. Literally overnight, we had ourselves a blizzard-worth of snow and biting temperatures. It was somehow shocking; I think we had begun to imagine winter would never catch up with us.

But I love it. Three sweaters (minimum) at once, mittens, boots, slow-to-start car engines, more tea, cozier homes. There's just this feeling in winter that is unlike anything else. Our vulnerability to the raw elements increases the safe, warm feeling of being at home. And then Christmas comes. Despite the shortness of light and difficulty getting around, I kind of love winter.

These blizzard-like conditions have also seen me locked away at home all weekend, which gave me time to work on my long-neglected Butterfly Project. It's going great. I'll post pictures of my completed work.

Oh, and there are other plans for the rest of this winter. Did I mention I'm off to South America on New Year's Day...?

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